The Three Best Times To Hire A Life Coach

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What is personal coaching? Very few Americans are able to answer that question. Most Americans do not know the important distinctions between a life coach and a therapist, for example. Others believe that life coaches are always job coaches, always helping clients with the job search in some way, but that’s not necessarily true, either. When are the best times to hire a motivational coach?

1. You Don’t Have All Of The Answers

Every year, life coaches collectively earn more than $1 billion — and very few of them do it by looking over resumes and only looking over clients’ resumes. One of the very best times to consider personal life coaching, for example, is when your life doesn’t seem to have any direction and you do not know where you are going next. Personal life coaching can help you identify goals, move forward, and work toward them. (Keep in mind that life coaching differs from talk therapy because it focuses on the future, not the past.)

2. You’re Going Through A Difficult Divorce

Divorce takes pretty much everyone out of their comfort zone. Following a divorce, men and women’s lives are in for changes — no matter how they look at it. Having someone who can coach you through them can be incredibly helpful. Life coaches can help clients work on problem areas and future relationships (lack of communication is to blame for 95% of failed marriages, for instance), or they can help clients reevaluate where they are in life.

3. You’ve Been At The Same Dead-End Job For Years And Years

Just about all of us (90%) zone out and daydream during meetings. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that way, however. When motivational coaches assist with the job hunt, they don’t help clients find just any old job. On the contrary, life coaches help their customers find the work that best suits them.

Life coaches can help with just about anything — as long as you have your sights set on the future. Whether you are going through a divorce, need a little help deciding what’s next, or it’s time for a career change, a personal coach can help you along the way. More on this.

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