The Three Best Safety Features That All Warehouses Need to Have

Forklift battery monitoring

Warehouse efficiency is obtained through successful operation and maintenance of each forklift — and through proper forklift battery maintenance. However, each forklift battery contains a huge number of hazards that threaten personnel safety every day, and keeping workers safe from these hazards also plays a role in improving efficiency by reducing compensation costs and lost productivity time.

It’s easier than you think for a warehouse forklift battery handling area to have inadequate or even missing safety features that are of utmost importance for preserving the safety of all personnel in the workplace.

That’s why we have compiled this list of the most important forklift battery room safety features for optimal worker and personnel safety:

Adequate battery room exhaust and ventilation

OSHA has strict requirements for battery room ventilation. This is because the chemicals inside each forklift battery produce hydrogen gas during everyday operation, and hydrogen gas can be fatal if inhaled at high enough concentrations. As a result, all warehouse battery rooms must have the proper amount of ventilation to avoid injury and fatality with battery changing systems.

Battery room safety signage

Not all personnel know how to be safe when working with battery changing systems — so to help remind them of the right safety procedures and alert them to potential hazards, all battery rooms should contain the correct safety signage.

Fire extinguishing equipment

Another hazard associated with high concentrations of hydrogen gas is combustion. If a fire occurs in a battery room, fire extinguishing equipment should be within close reach at all times. It’s important to maintain fire extinguishers to ensure they will work when needed — fire blankets and other extinguishing equipment is also a good idea.

How else do you ensure warehouse and battery room safety for the health of your personnel? Share with us in the comments section below. For more information, read this website.

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