The Real-World Implication and Importance of Fire Protection Systems

Fire suppression systems

Just why is fire protection so important for commercial buildings?

Everyone knows that fires happen every single day, most as a result of mistakes or oversights; everyone also knows that recovering from a major fire can be very stressful and expensive. Commercial fire suppression systems won’t provide fire protection 100% of the time, but it’s easy the best way you can ensure that your building is protected as much as possible.

Here are just a few important statistics that might help you see what we mean:

  • It’s estimated that around 15 deaths result from hotel and motel fires each year; there are around 150 additional injured victims as well.
  • Not only will these businesses lose trust from potential customers, but they’ll also face a major loss of property. It’s estimated that hotels and motel fires alone account for around $76 million in property damages each year.
  • Apartments, hotels, offices, and medical care facilities account for around half of all high-rise fires.
  • Even though the cost of a fire is very high for businesses, a surprising number of businesses still don’t have sufficient fire alarm systems or emergency evacuation plans. In a recent survey of more than 100 businesses, only 35% actually had concrete plans for evacuating safely during a fire.
  • As data storage becomes more imperative for a business’s success, and as more information on the effectiveness of different fire alarm systems is released, more businesses are realizing that fire protection is both essential and feasible.

So now it’s time for you to think about it — does your business have the best fire protection system possible?

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