The Real Value Of Gold Bullion

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Many people believe that buying gold is an activity reserved for the ultra-wealthy. Even the idea of going to buy gold bars just sounds like something people of normal means wouldn’t do. This perceived barrier to entry into the world of investing assets in precious metal storage has kept many people from benefitting from this great investment opportunity.
This article exists to demonstrate that it is in fact simple and easy to buy gold bullion online as a way of creating a more diversified investment portfolio. You don’t need to display gold trinkets in your home like a Roman emperor, or blow the bank on obscene amounts of gold and silver bullion, to benefit from the great investment potential of gold.
For starters, gold is in ready supply, with over 211 tons of gold being produced in America alone during 2014. Indeed, America circulates or deposits over $7 trillion worth in gold annually. The majority of this abundance of gold is disseminated in the form of the American Eagle gold coin, which constitutes eighty percent of the gold bullion in circulation in America and is the most traded coin in the world. The current value for one of these 1 ounce coins is $1356, whereas a pure ounce of gold sits at around $1295. Although this is certainly a pricey acquisition, buying a few of these coins is a great way of getting started in precious metals storage, and they can be easily sold once their value has appreciated on the market.
There are gold selling shops throughout the United States, which typically sell bars no heavier than 10 ounces, although the world’s heaviest is at around 440 pounds. For those interested in larger acquisitions, or in performing their gold purchasing more discreetly, buying gold bullion online is the go-to method.
Whether you are buying gold bullion online, seeking investment strategies for yourself or someone else, or simply curious about why gold has endured as an investment commodity, we hope this article has served its purpose. Compared to depreciating assets like cash, homes and cars, gold is a one-of-a-kind investment that will diversify your portfolio and add prestige and international renown to your wealth.

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