The Psychology Of Cleanliness How Parking Lot Sweeping Services Can Improve Your Business Model

A clean environment is a happy environment. Just look at your everyday life.

You feel noticeably better when you sweep your kitchen and clear out the dirty dishes. You breathe a little easier when you deep clean the carpet for the first time in a few years. There are entire industries that revolve around keeping our living spaces as organized and clean as possible, with sweeper trucks being among the most consistent and most underappreciated. Working around-the-clock clearing out debris and harmful contaminants, sweeper trucks are how we’re able to enjoy the benefits of a city or town without facing the natural accumulation of a heavily occupied space.

Parking lot cleaners are just one of many resources you can tap into to make sure nobody is thinking twice about your business’s presentation. Let’s find out how.

Street sweeping has been around for quite some time. They first started cropping up in the 19th century to supplement workers focusing on small areas, alleyways and individual stores. You can thank C.S. Bishop for inventing and patenting the first street sweeping machine in the mid 1800’s. Today there are over 9,000 companies offering different types of road maintenance services in the United States. The road and highway maintenance industry alone employs nearly 135,000 people and generates an annual revenue of $40 billion.

Today modern street sweepers are much more efficient at clearing out roads, sidewalks and parking lots. Sweeper trucks today are mounted on truck bodies and have the ability to vacuum debris, trash and excess dirt out of the street. While multiple models are available depending on the need, mechanical broom-type sweepers account for around 90% of street sweeping machines used in the United States. Without the aid of Maryland street sweeping services and general parking lot cleaners your city would be a lot filthier and more hazardous to your health.

A major function of using road sweeping services is to keep harmful trash from accumulating and building bacteria or clogging drains. Sweeper trucks are highly effective at removing both large and microscopic pollutants on city streets. A recent report from the National Water Quality Inventory has found runoff from urbanized areas to be the leading source of water quality impairments. Runoff pollution is a term that refers to rainwater or melting snow washing off roads, bridges, parking lots and various impenetrable surfaces. This helps pesticides, bacteria and chemicals to travel, affecting the health of millions.

It’s not just removing oil and toxic waste. It’s also keeping drains from clogging. There’s a lot of discussion today about properly disposing of trash today, ranging from plastic bags to cigarettes, and sweeper trucks are just one of many ways of keeping these from accumulating where they’re not needed. Street debris can block stormwater facilities, increasing the risk of flooding during heavy rains. Street sweepers make it easier to both collect and remove paper, leaves and other visible trash that gathers in gutters. This has the combined effect of removing the risk of runoff pollution, as well.

How does this translate to your business? A clean environment is one of the most subtle and effective ways of marketing your intent to consumers. A recent study concluded that well-maintained parking areas and sidewalks are key to attracting customers, with many people considering exterior cleanliness to be just as important as the interior design. Parking lot cleaning services can be scheduled daily or weekly, depending on your foot traffic, and are able to transform your business from the outside in. Not only are you prioritizing people’s health, you’re giving your brand a better first impression.

A little cleanliness makes all the difference. Consider hiring parking lot cleaners this year and watch the transformation yourself.

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