The Only 2 Things You Need To Know About UX Web Design

Retail experience design

If you aren’t coming into the website development industry with a design background, the concept of UX web design might be a little confusing. UX design basics are actually pretty straightforward — as long as you don’t get too caught up with the details. While you can find plenty of UX web design tips floating around online, there are really only a couple basic points you need to keep in mind as you work on your website’s UX design process:

First, remember to step back from your website and to stop viewing it as someone who’s very familiar with the business already. If you’re hoping to bring in some new customers — possibly even customers who aren’t even very familiar with your business’s industry at all — you’ll want to think about whether your website makes sense to that person. In other words, one of the most important fundamentals of UX design is to be lazy and opt for simplicity whenever possible.

While intricate design icons and ironic blog posts might reflect the brand of your business or of a product you offer, it’s best to stay away from anything too detailed until you know exactly what your target audience looks like. Avoiding too much jargon in blog posts and too much irrelevant “trending” content is always a good rule of thumb.

Second, don’t be afraid of being unoriginal. Maybe this means that you use pre-designed templates for your entire website, maybe it means using the same color scheme as another website you like, or maybe it means organizing your pages just like another business does. As long as you keep your website about your business and you focus on creating original content, there’s nothing wrong with copying a web design from another business because it’s proof that the design works.

As you get a little more familiar with how to incorporate UX design concepts into your website, don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit! Even more importantly, remember to be open and flexible about what works and doesn’t work on your website. After all, your business is depending on it!

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