The Necessity of Employing Commercial Cleaning Contractors

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During the cold and flu season, it’s imperative your office spaces be as clean as possible. Did you know that bacteria can multiply up to 31% daily on surfaces that are not regularly cleaned or disinfected? Additionally, the average office space in the U.S. holds over 500 different types of bacteria. Regular janitorial cleaning in addition to employing professional office cleaning services is incredibly important for ensuring a healthy and germ free workspace. You may also want to look for the best commercial carpet cleaner available–allergens can get caught in your carpets, especially during high pollen seasons, causing workers extra misery. Additionally, food, drink, and other substances regularly fall to the floor and get mashed in. Hiring the best commercial carpet cleaner can keep the aesthetic of your office fresh and bright.
What Do Commercial Cleaning Services Do?
Commercial cleaning” is an overarching term used to describe a variety of cleaning services that stay in business by contracting with individuals or companies. The Census Bureau reported almost 51,00 commercial office cleaning services in 2002 present in the United States. Commercial cleaning companies use an extensive number of methods, chemicals, or tools to carry out their process. It can be as in depth or superficial as the contractor specifies. Some common tasks include cleaning floors, walls, ceilings, lighting, furniture, windows, and bathrooms.
Who Might Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service?
Individuals or businesses that have large areas to cover usually consider hiring a professional cleaning service, who employ larger quantities of workers. For example, corporations that work within high-rises, or function and data centers, factories, schools, government or medical buildings, or airports would all probably employ commercial cleaning services. However, smaller buildings like shops or schools can also employ commercial cleaning services for convenience.
Areas to Target
The top place germs reside in an office are the mouse and keyboard of computers, because people’s fingers and hands come in direct contact with those items. If someone coughs and then touches their keyboard, those germs are directly transferred. Phones and chairs are another prime suspect; since phones touch people’s faces, they’re another high-germ area. Additionally, men’s workspaces were found to contain more germs than women’s–probably because women tend to be more conscientious of using hand sanitizer and keeping their space clean.
In addition to targeting the common areas, it’s important to not forget about the floor. Tiled areas like bathrooms should be disinfected regularly (germs can take hold in the spaces between the tiles) and carpets should be cleaned often. The best commercial carpet cleaner will be able to keep your office floor looking brand new and prevent any odors, germs, or stains from taking hold.

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