The Importance of After Hours Answering Services

After hours phone service

Why exactly does your business need to have a professional answering service? You might actually be pretty surprised by how beneficial an after hours call service can be, especially if you own and operate a small business and you can’t afford to keep staff overnight.

The fact is, consumers expect great customer service every time they call a business, so if your business hasn’t invested in a good call answering service yet, you could be hindering your future growth without realizing it! Check out the statistics below for a better idea about how important answering services are today:

  • 75%: The percentage of people who would rather have a business call them back rather than be put on hold indefinitely until someone can come to the phone. While businesses may want to keep customers on the line instead of losing them (and possibly not getting them back), everyone knows the frustration of being put on hold!

  • 79%: The percentage of American consumers who prefer to contact businesses and keep in touch (especially if they’re dealing with a problem) through the phone, as opposed to email or an instant messaging service.

  • 80%: The percentage of people who will simply hang up the phone if their call is sent to voicemail, rather than leave a message.

  • 91%: The percentage of Americans who own a mobile phone and have it on their person 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With professional after hours answering services, you never have to worry about losing potential customers and you never have to leave your current customers hanging when they need help. These services really are some of the most important ways that small businesses can continue growing without losing the personal touch of being a small, local business!

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