The Benefits of Third Party Borescope Inspections

Since the 1880s, turbines – especially the steam type – have been used for electricity production. Although a gas turbine operates at a much higher degree of heat (normally at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit) than a steam turbine which operates at around 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, gas turbines are widely used in the modern world because countless industries are using gas.

Whether gas or steam, both types of turbines need an accurate borescope inspection report to confirm engine safety and performance. It’s crucial to perform periodic inspections for your machines, and the best way to do this is by hiring the service of a third party borescope testing company. Read on to discover the many benefits and the reasons why you need to have it.

Borescope Inspection Report Is Essential

Getting a borescope inspection report is critical for both gas and steam turbines as they operate at extremely high temperatures. Doing so will make sure that a turbine meets the industry standards and is safe to use.

The following are the effects you’ll enjoy when you do a borescope inspection for your turbines:

Reduce the Possibility of Future Damages

Turbines are vital in the production of gas and energy, among other things, and must always be kept in superior shape. Even a small crack or damage must not be overlooked to avoid the possibility of the problem worsening. Having a borescope inspection will help a great deal in preventing issues such as this.

Efficient Evaluation

Modern borescope inspections use advanced cameras that can locate small debris in the turbine even without disassembling the machine. There are also video borescopes that can illuminate the specific part of the turbine being inspected.

Eliminate Debris and Tiny Particles

Small particles, such as salt, can cause severe damage to a turbine because once the particles stick to turbine blades, they could attract other destructive particles like dirt and this can reduce the power output of turbines by up to 15%. A borescope can provide a visual inspection to check for these tiny foreign particles.

Apart from these three effects, a thorough borescope testing with minimal downtime will also prolong the life of your turbines. Knowing about the defects or hidden damages can help you rectify the problem by addressing the root cause before it implodes into more problematic issues.

Why You Need a Third Party Borescope Inspection Report

More often than not, an inspection reveals damage otherwise hidden or an issue that can potentially turn into a greater problem. It’s recommended to leave highly sensitive operations to experts who have the skills and experience necessary to perform the best evaluation.

One of the most significant advantages of hiring third party borescope inspectors is the professional service they provide and the following are some of the other major benefits of a borescope inspection:

Inspection Must be objective

Aside from providing professional service, third party borescope testers will remain objective regarding the inspection process. The evaluation will be precise and free of bias. Therefore, you should hire a third party instead of letting someone who has previous involvement in any way with the turbines being inspected.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

Another benefit you’ll enjoy when hiring a third party is the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the inspection. Since they are adept at borescope inspections, when you have them come in to do the testing, they’ll be able to finish the job quickly.

You won’t have to hire extra help for disassembling and other related work because the third party will do all the necessary work. This lessens the expenses and reduces the risk for damage to the turbines as well.

Less Disruption

As much as it is important for the inspection to be efficient, it’s also crucial that it deals less disruption on the production. While letting a third party come in to inspect the turbines can be quite disruptive, you must consider that they are very skilled when it comes to the inspection process. They’ll be able to inspect as many turbines as you require, within a small amount of time.

Let the Experts Do the Inspection

Whether you have either one of the two types of land based gas turbines or both heavy frame engines and aeroderivative engines, you should have them tested properly. Let a third party handle the inspection and turbine support for an objective and accurate report.

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