How Turbine Inspection Works

While it’s important to monitor the monitor your turbines at all time and make sure they are functioning properly, you should also be scheduling deeper inspections at least once a year. It can be hard to see into all of the working areas of a turbine without the help of a borescope, so you will need to have turbine support services come to perform the inspection. The process can be broken down into three steps, which we will take a look at below.

1. Parts Removal

The inspection parts won’t be able to fit into the turbine unless some parts are removed, so this will be the first step in the process. Turbine support services will remove the necessary pieces and make room for the borescope to fit inside the turbine so that a proper assessment can take place. This is also an opportunity to look over surface parts and make sure those are in good condition as well.

2. The Inspection

Once they are able to fit the inspection equipment into the turbine then the inspection will begin. They will use a borescope, which is a device that is able to fit inside the turbine and will use a camera to view the parts of a turbine that the eyes can’t see. Due to the nature of turbines, including their extreme temperatures, these instruments have to be used for the safety of the inspectors as well as the equipment. Attempting to inspect the inside of the equipment without the right equipment could lead to injuries.

3. Follow-Up Report

Once the inspection has been performed then the inspectors will create a thorough report on their findings. This will include any repairs that are needed so that maintenance can be performed following the inspection. From here you can arrange to have any repairs done that are necessary to help keep your turbine running in the best possible condition.

While these steps are easy to simplify in words, it will certainly be a longer process when it takes place and it’s wise to schedule the inspection during a time that won’t interrupt your work processes. It is also a good idea to schedule two inspections a year to be safe, although that decision is entirely up to you.

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