The Basics of Taylor Ice Cream Machine Maintenance

If your business employs the use of a Taylor ice cream or frozen yogurt machine, you know that you have a quality ice cream maker on your hands. But it is important to remember that your machine needs certain things to continue ensuring the best quality ice cream. Keeping your Taylor ice cream machine parts clean and free of wear and tear is integral to the health of your machine, and can help lower the amount of power the machine consumes, lowering your monthly power bill.

With the hot days of summer upon us, it’s more important than ever for your ice cream machine to receive regular cleaning and maintenance to keep the long lines moving. Of all the Taylor ice cream machine parts, the condenser coil might be the most important to keep clean. Consult your machine’s operators manual to get further details on cleaning the coil, as it is the component that absorbs the heat from the cream to freeze it..

Take your machine apart regularly to ensure all Taylor ice cream machine parts are clean. The manual will have detailed instructions on how to take apart, clean and reassemble your machine. Show your employees the proper procedure so they know how to keep the machine clean and running well all summer.

If your machine is broken down and in need of service or replacement, do some online searching to find a local company able to work on the machines or supplies Taylor ice cream machine parts. If your machine is beyond repair, you may be able to find an ice cream machine for sale as a replacement, though ideally getting your machine fixed will be a cheaper option.

Above all, when working with a Taylor machine, keep the owners’ manual around and use it. There is an abundance of useful information on upkeep and cleaning procedure available in the manual. Information on maintenance, troubleshooting, cleaning procedure and more is available in your machine’s manual. If you’ve lost or misplaced the book, search for your model on your favorite search engine find a downloadable copy of your machine’s manual.

Have you had experience working with or cleaning a Taylor ice cream machine? Would you recommend one for a potential customer? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!

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