The Advantages Of Arbitration

More people and organizations are now resorting to solving their contractual disputes, employment discrimination cases, corporate investigations, and bankruptcy issues through alternative dispute resolution methods. In this regard, methods such as arbitration, mediation, and negotiation are used. There is no need to go through the tedious process of hiring a lawyer. Remember, there are several law firms, thus you can become spoilt for choice. Therefore, how do you avoid such an occurrence? You can use a method such as arbitration. But there is a catch.

Even as you choose to use arbitration to seek settlement for an employment discrimination dispute or any other case, you will need to hire the right arbitrator. You need someone well-versed with matters to deal with arbitration. Most importantly, the arbitrator should be dedicated to giving both parties a fair hearing. That will ensure that the final decision arrived at suits both parties. Below are some of the advantages of arbitration.

Saving Time

Nobody wants to deal with long court battles. It is always great to conclude a dispute as soon as possible. That not only saves on time but also money. You will not have to continue paying some heavy attorney fees. But how do you ensure that you save time when it comes to solving a dispute? You can capitalize on alternative dispute resolution methods. A method such as arbitration will most likely do the trick. In this regard, you will need a qualified arbitrator to take over the case. The arbitrator will listen to both parties in the conflict and ensure the right judgment is arrived at. It helps save on time. You do not have to assess the various lawyers available in the market before hiring one. Therefore, you will save the money that would have been spent on attorney fees.


Seeking justice in an employment discrimination case is not an easy undertaking. If you are dealing with an employment discrimination case, there is always the need to get all facts correct. And that means every person involved in the dispute should be given sufficient time to tell their story. That is why fairness or impartiality is something that will be guaranteed when solving a case through an alternative dispute resolution method such as arbitration.

In arbitration, it is all about ensuring that the conflict is solved in the best way possible. That is why it is always recommended to hire an arbitrator with a great reputation. Just bringing any arbitrator on board might come along with some disadvantages. For instance, the arbitrator might be biased hence not doing any due diligence when it comes to solving the case. You should always bring on board an impartial arbitrator. Such a person will be dedicated to giving the most suited solution to the case devoid of any unfairness.

No Escalation Of Conflict

A conflict is bound to escalate if there is no fair trial or hearing. One of the parties that feel shortchanged might decide to move to the appellate court in a bid t get justice. But that means more money to be spent on paying attorney fees. Besides, there is the frustration that comes with court battles? However, that can be avoided. All you need is to consider other alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration. The arbitrator is mandated to listen to both parties and ensure the right judgment is arrived at. By providing a satisfactory solution, future conflicts are avoided. The parties in the conflict will be able to reconcile and move on with daily life.

Arbitration brings finality to the case. After serious scrutiny and discernment, the arbitrator enables both parties to reach a resolution that suits them all. And that will ensure that there is no escalation of conflict in the future.


Alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation and arbitration ensure that less time is spent when it comes to solving a dispute. Besides, there is always the luxury of bringing some finality to a case. That means parties involved in the dispute will not feel that they have been disadvantaged hence moving to an appellate court. The arbitrator sets out to ensure that both parties arrive at a conclusion that suits them all. So, there is no need to worry about future conflicts. The settlement will go to the most deserving.

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