Taking A Much Look At The World Of Transportation In The Country Of Canada

In modern times, there are so many different kinds of transportation out there that it is almost overwhelming. Technology has come an incredibly long way in this field over the course of just a few centuries and everything from cars to planes to trucks to trains is now commonplace. Public transportation systems are thriving in many cities throughout the world, and most families now own at least one car, if not even two or more.

The transportation industry is also key – and not just in Canada, but in many other countries all throughout the world, such as in, to name just one example, the United States. Of course, industries of transportation have grown immensely over the course of time and now serve many roles when it comes to the transport of goods from one place to the next. And in many ways, transportation services are beneficial for larger things as well, from job creation within the country to trade with countries outside of it.

Job creation in the transportation industry is one thing that has been quite hugely impressive here in Canada. Already, more than 400,000 people are employed throughout this industry. Of these people, at least half of them are truck drivers, with various for hire trucking companies and larger for hire transportation companies utilizing trucks making up more than three quarters of all tonnage shipped within the country alone. Many of these people are able to live comfortable lives thanks to the money they earn through the industry of transportation, even able to raise their families and support them well off of this income (and sometimes this income alone).

And the industry of transportation is one that is growing, at least throughout the country of Canada. Already, it is an industry that is worth at least $65 billion, if not even more than that. In the coming years, Canada is also planning to invest more money than ever into this industry. Up to $2 billion will be spent not only to make the infrastructure of the country more efficient, but more effective as well. As one might have already assumed, this is something that will have a big impact on the industry of transportation as well.

For the transportation industry is not just vital when it comes to job creation and the livelihoods of many people throughout the country. In addition to this, it is also quite essential indeed when it comes to trade, particularly with the United States, another country with a rapidly growing industry of transportation. And when it comes to types of transportation, it is trucking that plays the biggest role in the trade that goes on between the two countries.

In fact, trade from the United States into Canada is conducted by trucks more than three quarters of the time, making it the most common way that trade enters the country from our neighbor to the south. In addition to this, trade going out of Canada and into the United States also commonly occurs by truck, with trade occurring in this fashion at least two thirds of the time. In both cases, the use of trucks is critical, and therefore the need for commercial logistics and trucking companies has become quite incredibly clear.

With the rise of e-commerce, the trucking and transportation industry as a whole has grown immensely, with transportation companies needing to change swiftly to meet the demand of e-commerce shipments. E-commerce has boosted business immensely for many transportation companies, but has also made it necessary for these same transportation companies to adapt to different types of shipping and transport. For instance, many transportation companies have had to begin shipping less than truckload loads, especially thanks to the growing demand for things like overnight shipping in addition to e-commerce in general. Container trucking companies and other such transportation companies are only likely to continue to be influenced by these e-commerce institutions in many of the years that are to come, especially as online shopping only continues to grow both in scope and overall popularity in the country of Canada, in the United States, and truly all throughout the world as a whole.

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