Survey Shows 75% of Companies Find Online Marketing Effective

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If you are looking for ways to attract new clients, increase revenues and further improve your business, you are likely aware that there are a number of different advertising and business consulting services available to help you achieve these goals. With the prominent role the internet now plays in our daily lives and purchasing decisions, however, online marketing solutions are now one of the most popular options.But will hiring internet marketing consulting services really help your company? According to a recent study, the answer is yes.

In October and November of 2014, the SEO company BrightLocal conducted their annual internet marketing survey, in which a number of small and medium-sized businesses about their experiences with and attitudes toward online marketing and SEO. This year, 736 companies in the United States and Canada with anywhere from one to 50 employees issued full responses. The results were impressive: 75% of the survey participants reported that they felt internet marketing consulting services were “effective” or “very effective” at helping them attract new customers.

The responses BrightLocal received demonstrated exactly how important online marketing has become in the modern business world: according to the survey, 70% of the businesses spend less than $500 a month on online marketing, while 83% spend less than $1,000. For half of the businesses, this is less than 30% of their marketing budgets. However, 37% of all the survey respondents plan to increase the amount of money they spend on online marketing in the coming year. Interestingly, 31% of these businesses also said that they measured the success of their online campaigns by the number of phone calls they received, more than the number that said they made this judgement based on web traffic and search rankings. This likely means that most businesses are looking to see how their online efforts will translate into real-world action and sales, a change their efficacy ratings suggest is occurring.

If you are considering investing in internet marketing consulting services, you are likely concerned with how effective this effort will be. However, BrightLocal’s survey shows that many businesses find that this choice is the right option for their companies, so much so that many are planning to increase their spending in this area. See if this tactic will have similar results for you: contact an online marketing agency today!

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