Sign Up For Signs! How They Can Help Boost Sales

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Imagine a world without signs. It would be difficult to know where to go, how to find the products and services we needed, or to carry out daily transactions. Commercial signs play an important role in our world, helping to inform us, even as they advertise for the business. Indeed, signs help attract half a start-up business’s new customers and almost 80% of people remember a business because of their sign. They send strong visual cues that often stay with us. And, signs can now be colorful, all different sizes, shapes, and fonts, and even move, blink, and glow, helping them to stand out. So let’s talk about why commercial signs are important, what you need to make your sign stand out, and where you can purchase signs for your business to make it really pop.

The Benefits of Having Commercial Signs
Signs are a great advertising and branding tool and can create an estimated additional 75% to your customer base, as well as new referrals. On site signs have a value that’s equivalent to 24 full-page newspaper ads every year, and though the upfront cost might be higher, you likely won’t have to spend much to renew or maintain the signs once you have them.

Signs are great for drumming up local attention. Around 85% of customers who frequent a store live in a five-mile radius, which means that they’ll likely see that sign 50 or more times a week. Additionally, your customer base will continue to rotate — between 13-20% of the population moves every year, which means that you’ll have that percentage of new customers every year, who will be checking out your signs!

If you’re willing to advertise a little farther afield, roadside signs are a useful tool. Over 70% of people check out the messages on roadside signs.

Not having any signs (or not enough signs) could negatively impact your business —
60% of consumers said that a lack of signs kept them from going into a business. However, not any old sign will do. Around 70% of consumers believed that the quality of a sign reflected the quality of the business.

How Can I Make My Signs Stand Out In the Crowd?
Custom signs are a great way to set your business apart. Almost 85% of business owners who bought LED signs noticed an uptick in their sales. Custom lighting that’s creative — but not annoying — can yield fantastic results when it comes to signs. Adding a touch of color can also make them stand out from the usual black and white, especially if you’re advertising something special like a sale or promotion.

If your signs are simpler, such as a sidewalk chalkboard, consider making them funny and clever. Plenty of people will stop to take a picture of a sign and share it with friends if it makes them laugh. The right outdoor signs can help draw pedestrians inside where they may spend money!

Where Can I Find the Right Sign For My Business?

There are plenty of sign companies who can help you find the right signs for your business. You may want to get together with a designer to help you find the right logo or style for your business, especially if this is a new sign you’re putting up.

If there’s no physical sign company in your area, try checking online to see what options are for consultation, customization, and installation. Be sure to price a few different options before deciding on one — you want to make sure that your visions for the signs align and that you’ll be happy with the end result.

Sell more with the help of custom commercial signs
. Design signs that are perfect for your business and watch your sales increase. It’s an easy and relatively inexpensive step that helps advertise and inform, all in one!

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