Reducing Air Born Illness With Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Carpets are a popular and widely preferred flooring option in many homes. It looks nice and it provides comfort. Carpet is more comfortable than hard wood and tile to sit on. It is also warmer to walk around the home without any shoes on. Although carpet is a preferred flooring choice for many homeowners, it can be a dangerous product when not cleaned properly. Germs and contaminants tend to multiply and remain alive longer in carpets. It can also be more difficult to properly clean carpet, because of the many pores and padding. Professional carpet cleaning is often recommended, for many reasons.

Deep cleaning of carpet is necessary. Most people?s cleaning of their carpet simply involves running a vacuum over it occasionally. Although vacuuming is necessary, it only removes the debris that sits on the top of the carpet. Carpet cleaners, however, get deeper into the carpets. The vacuum also does not sanitize any level of the carpet. Professional janitorial services that specialize in carpet cleaning properly sanitize even the deepest levels of the carpet. Approximately 71% of workers believe dirty office spaces have made them ill in the past. This includes dirty office carpets.

Improper carpet cleaning can leave bad smells in the house. There are methods for homeowners to deep clean their own carpets with in home carpet cleaning machines. Some companies even rent out more professional carpet cleaners. However, if the carpet cleaning is not done properly, the contaminants and debris is brought to the upper layers, but never removed. When this debris is mixed with water, it can produce a very foul smell that is difficult to get rid of. In fact, many homeowner end up calling a professional janitorial service after attempting to deep clean their own carpets.

Some carpet cleaning products can be dangerous. A lot of the strong carpet cleaners that you can purchase in local stores contain a lot of harmful ingredients. They can put off strong chemical smells in the air that can exacerbate breathing conditions, like asthma. One of the biggest benefits of green carpet cleaning services is the ability to have the carpet professionally cleaned with safer and more natural of cleaning products. There are 17,000 petrochemicals available for home use, only 30% of which have been tested for exposure to human health and environment. Strong chemical cleaning products can actually be worse than the debris and contaminants that are in the carpet. Thanks to chemical based cleaning products, indoor air pollution levels can be as much as 100 times higher than outdoor air pollution levels.

Improper cleaning can ruin the carpet. Carpets are made somewhat water resistant. However, they are not made to sustain large amounts of water. Most carpet cleaning services involve pumping water with cleaning products into the deeper levels of the carpet. If this is done properly, the water can sit in the carpet, causing water damage and the increase of mold and air spores. All of the water needs to be removed from the carpet immediately. A professional janitorial service will ensure that the carpets are properly cleaned and protected.

Professional commercial cleaners are more time efficient. Someone cleaning their carpet with little knowledge is likely to spend more time than a professional commercial cleaner is to. Most carpet cleaning companies can be in and out within a couple of hours. This often includes the professional cleaning of multiple rooms with multiple types of carpets. A homeowner, on the other hand, may spend many hours in just one room, on just one carpet piece.

A homeowner who is still wondering how to choose the right carpet cleaning service should consider each of these points. A professional janitorial service provides many benefits to carpet cleaning that a homeowner cannot achieve when doing it themselves. It is often preferential to go with a professional to reduce contaminants, get a deep clean into every layer of the carpet, protect the carpet, and limit the amount of harmful chemical in the air.

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