Reasons to Consider Investing in HR Platforms at Your Company

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Have you neglected to set up an HR platform at your company so far? When you only have so many employees, it may feel unnecessary to pay for an HR consultant or an in-house HR team. However, that could not be farther from the truth. Using an HR solution of some sort can make all the difference in hiring new employees and maintaining positive relationships with each of them in your office. With the right HR software and management systems, you can improve your company greatly.

Interested in learning more about the reasons why you should make an effort to invest in an HR solution platform and other HR technology? Keep reading for more information on how HR impacts employee relations.

3 Reasons Employees Benefit From Great HR Solutions

Wondering why your employees don?t stay around for very long or why they are dissatisfied with your benefits package? When you do not have the best HR platforms, it can impact how happy your employees are at work. Start researching the best HR solution to use at your company to significantly improve how your employees feel each day they come to the office. Here are three reasons this may benefit your business.

1. Onboarding program

One way to ensure that you keep employees for longer than a few weeks is by creating a great onboarding program. Employees that show up and don?t know what they are doing their first few weeks on the job can feel like they don?t matter or very confused each day. If you set up a program that helps them learn quickly and meet people, they may be more satisfied with their job. Statistics show that an employee is more than 69% more likely to remain with a company for three years if they enjoyed their onboarding program.

Additionally, they are likely to stay for a longer time if they have a positive experience during their first three months at a job. They are 10 times more likely to keep with the company than those who do not enjoy their first couple of weeks in a new job position.

The onboarding process
can result in 50% higher new hire retention which benefits the company greatly. Not only does it help save the company money, but it also ensures that the best employees are agreeing to work with the business.

2. Increases productivity

What employer wouldn?t want their employees to be at their most productive at all times? Think of how much that could benefit your company in the long run. Studies show that when employees are not happy at work, they actually cost the company a lot of money due to loss of productivity. When disengaged, in a year employees across North America cost the economy over $350 billion. You don?t want to increase this number or be part of what makes it so high. That is why it is so important to care for your employees? well-being and happiness.

3. Health and wellness benefits

Benefits matter to your employees. If you do not offer the right benefits or enough benefits, that may impact the type of employees you can hire and whether or not employees commit to staying with your company in the long run. Employees want to know that their employers are willing to invest in them. Otherwise, they may not be as likely to remain in their job. Statistics show that 40% of millennials care about the type of benefits offered and will select an employer based on this, according to Deloitte research.

You can even find high quality employees by offering more benefits. The employees you currently work with are more likely to refer other people to your company if there are more than 11 benefits offered. Around 65% of these employees believe this to be a great place to work.

Have you tried implementing any HR solution like one of the above at your business? What was your experience using new HR technology and showing your employees that you care for their well-being? Let us know in the comments about the changes that you made.

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