Proper Steam Trap Maintenance and Why it is Important

Thermostatic steam traps

Proper care and maintenance of a steam trap allows it to work efficiently and correctly. Old and inefficient steam traps are responsible for approximately $8,000 of waste per year. Between 15 and 30 percent of steam systems which have not been serviced or had proper maintenance performed for a period of three to five years, may have failed.

Proper steam trap sizing is crucial if you want reliable and efficient steam trap operation. Improper sizing is responsible for condensation back up and significant loss of steam. Improper sizes on steam trap valves is most commonly due to selection which is based solely on existing pipe.

Normal every day use of a steam trap causes wear on the system over time. Steam vents and other steam trap parts can eventually fail causing costly repairs and steam loss. Choosing quality equipment and programs can help to reduce the amount of steam lost to less than one percent. Along with equipment, choosing the proper types of steam traps to best suit your needs will also help to eliminate steam loss.

Regular maintenance, proper selection and choosing the proper supplies will all aid in keeping your steam trap performing at its best. Quality parts will extend the life and save money on maintenance and repairs. Proper steam trap sizing with the correct equipment allows your steam trap to perform its job so that you can do yours.

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