Northern California Supporting Its Future Growth After Carr Fire

This past August, the Carr fire changed the lives of thousands of people in Northern California. Many lost their homes and were left without the tools to rebuild. In the wake of the fire, the city of Redding and Shasta County have developed plans to not only rebuild homes, but to keep the economy as strong as it was before the fires struck. Learn the economic work the region has done already and how we are planning for continued growth in the future.

What Shasta County Has Done

In Shasta County, the economy has supported the employment of 70,876 people. In the areas of forestry, agriculture, fishing and hunting, healthcare, retail food services, financing, arts and entertainment, and technology the county has very strong employment rates. To help boost these thriving industries, Shasta County has daily operations focused on initiatives to relocate companies and organizations to the region. The Shasta County workforce is also concentrated on opportunities for entrepreneurial development within the region. This economic support has been able to keep the region on solid footing, even in the aftermath of the Carr fire.

Plans For Economic Growth

In this aftermath, Shasta County plans to continue economic growth by staying up to date with the region’s business news and by appealing to investors in Redding. While there is already a strong skilled labor force in Shasta County, our goal is to create an average of 230 jobs per year in the next five years and an average of 320 jobs per year over the second five years after that. This growth will create business news of our own, with an additional $787 million output to the local economy. All of this growth will be essential in helping residents rebuild after the fire.

Currently, the Shasta County Economic Development Corporation has investors in Redding and surrounding areas that are both public and private. In the coming years, attracting investors in Redding and nearby areas will be imperative to rebuilding the community. With their support, residents can construct new homes and get back into the workforce at a much faster rate.

Northern California is full of resilient, resourceful people who face problems head-on, no matter what they are. The community will get the support they need through these economic initiatives and programs.

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