Nine Questions to Ask Your Limo Company

Hiring a limo can turn a special event into a once-in-a-lifetime event. There are few more stylish ways to celebrate an important occasion then by getting from point A to point B in a limousine. Renting a limo does cost some money, though, so before you book any car service here are a few questions you should ask.

Can You Refer Us to Some of Your Previous Customers?

If a company isn’t willing to give you a short list of a couple clients that you can talk to directly, don’t hire them.

How Will the Driver Be Dressed?

Most of the time, limo chauffeurs have a particular dress code that you’ll be pleased with. However, in the private car service, as with every industry, there can be some companies who are holding themselves and their employees to the highest standards. You should know what to expect when you’re limo driver arrives.

What Kind of Cars Do You Have?

While a traditional limousine rental is always an excellent choice, there are all kinds of stretch limo vehicles available these days. Talk to the right limo company and you can get almost anything that you like. Would you prefer an SUV rental? What about a stretch Hummer, ask about the make, model, and colors available. If you have a preference within a particular rental group, be sure to specify it. Otherwise, the company will send you whichever of the available cars in that group they have.

How Do You Train Your Drivers?

This is an important question. To get a chauffeur’s license, most states will require that limo drivers have something more than their regular driver’s license. A good limo company will also require training and practice to ensure that its drivers are capable and safe. If you’re planning on taking a trip that goes outside of your state, be sure to ask about whether the driver will need to have chauffeurs permit for the adjoining state as well.

How Do You Figure Charges?

Some limo companies will charge you by the hour. Some will charge you by the mileage. It’s important to know which one they used to figure your costs as this will help determine how many stops you make and what route you take.

How Many People Can I Invite to Come Along?

This is an important question because you don’t want to be caught up short on the big day when you’ve invited more people than the car can actually hold. State laws determine precisely how many people can be fit into any limo. More than that, these regulations are about safety and not about comfort. Even if your limo can technically hold a certain number, you’re going to enjoy the luxurious experience more with a smaller number of people. Be sure to ask your limo service in advance about how many people are allowed to come in the car and how many people they recommend.

What Amenities Are Provided?

In addition to choosing how many people are coming, you want to know whether your limo is going to come stocked with things like food and drinks. If that’s not part of the price, then you know what to set aside in order to stock it yourself. If it is included in the price, you can specify in advance what kinds of things you would like in your limousine.

Do You Have Insurance?

Your limo company will almost certainly have insurance, but you also want to ask what that insurance covers. Specifically, you want to find out what the insurance covers in terms of personal injury. Sometimes it’s a good idea to get some additional insurance.

Can I Change the Route?

Most limousine services will be happy to work with you and be flexible. But for your own sake, bear in mind that a lot of changes are going to involve different mileage and possibly a greater amount of time. This can increase your costs, so plan route changes and extra stops wisely.

You’ll have the time of your life in your limousine rental. It’s the best way to enhance a special event, so look for limo rental companies in your area and asked them the right questions.

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