New POS Streamline Pharmacy Customer Incentive

Pharmacy point of sale system

Highly functional pharmacy POS systems are designed to track customer loyalty programs, electronic coupons, and Rx discount cards. These features take tons of busy work out of the day for traditional smaller pharmacies with limited staff. The seamless process that adds incentive also drive customer retention, allowing pharmacies to offer benefits it would not otherwise.

With the card security issues facing the millions of customers over the past year at major retail chains, this is a hot button issue. The latest advances in pharmacy pos systems are designed to avoid any of the detrimental breaches consumers dealt with in 2013.

Pharmacy POS systems have highly encrypted data, that is secure at all times, deploying POS software to allow pharmacy professionals efficiently complete time efficient retail transactions. As an added measure of security, high quality pharmacy POS systems are also equipped with signature capturing that keeps the patients signature on file for comparison.

Aside from the advanced security software design to keep customers information safe, the POS solutions are also designed to recognize customers and their history with the merchant for customer loyalty Inventory. In conjunction with customer recognition and patient adherence, certain discounts and deals are applicable through the software solutions.

Most Importantly, the POS for pharmacy solutions analyzes data specific to retail pharmacies to reduce hospital patient readmission. These new and improved POS solutions change the way both pharmacies manage their business and the way they interact with their customers.

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