Need a Leak Fixed? Learn How Trenchless Pipe Repair Can Save You Time and Money

Trenchless sewer repair chicago

Plumbing isn’t always pretty. There is a high chance that most homeowners will have to deal with a plumbing crisis at some point. Sewer systems last for about 40 years, meaning yours could need replacing during your tenure as a resident. Aside from sewer repair, smaller plumbing issues are more likely to give you grief. Either way, there’s new technology that allows plumbers to conduct pipe repair without digging an entire trench in your yard.

Cured-in-place piping (CIPP), more commonly referred to as trenchless pipe repair, is a relatively new system used by plumbing contractors. Previously, they would have to dig a large trench to access the main pipeline. This would create an eyesore for homeowners and was considered a necessary course of action for plumbing repairs.

With CIPP, plumbers are able to repair leaks in pipes with epoxy pipe lining. After the initial pipe inspection, they will begin work. With a resin-saturated felt tube with an impermeable later of polyurethane coating, plumbers use water pressure to turn it inside-out. While working from one manhole to the next, they are able to seal the liner to the inside of the host pipe.

Many contractors now consider trenchless pipe repair to be a smart solution compared to the trench method. Although it can take between one and 30 hours to cure the piping, it requires less manpower and is designed to last for 50 years. For homeowners, fixing household water leaks that stem from faulty pipes can save up to 10% on the water bill. It’s a cost-saving alternative to traditional plumbing techniques for both contractors and homeowners alike.

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