Move Over Traditional Albums, Make Way for Wedding Photo Books

Best photo books

When you think about a wedding, what do you remember the most? The food? The decorations? Your outfit? There are a number of things that stand out in guests’ minds when they attend a wedding, but they may not be able to remember specifics.

For this reason, professional wedding photo albums can be the best way to commemorate a couple’s nuptials, and help them and their guests remember some of day’s biggest moments.

But many people have begun switching from traditional professional wedding photo albums to photo books. These books are often more modern and offer a more stylistic, fashionable way to present your wedding. The best photo books include professional picture printing, but read more like a picture book.

Here are some of the advantages of creating a photo book.

  • Become a Semi-Expert. When you start the project, you may feel overwhelmed at all the pictures you can choose from, but as you look at other professional wedding albums, you will get an idea of which pictures will work best. In fact, by putting them together in an artistic book, you may even become somewhat of an expert. In most cases, this is left to a pro, but if you are the one figuring out which pictures flow best from one page to another, you’re likely to become a pro yourself.
  • Use Your Creativity. If you are handing over your pictures to a photographer to create your album, you will not have a much of a say in the pictures that make it into your album, nor will you be able to add your own flavor to it. With your own photo book, you can insert a theme that ties together all the pictures, or include your wedding’s theme on the book’s pages. This gives you creative freedom to piece together a unique collection of memories.
  • Affordable. When you make your own photo book, it is actually not all that different from making your own online photo greeting cards. Many websites offer templates that you can insert your pictures into, and then you can pay them for professional printing. Unlike photographers that charge you several hundreds or thousands of dollars, most photo books can be created for under $50. These pictures will look just as bright, colorful, and professional as a photographer’s album.

So instead of spending loads of money on a professional album, consider making a photo book. You’ll love every step of it. See more:

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