Micro Screws and Custom Fasteners Fasteners for the Modern Age

When you are designing a machine or device, the main the thing you want to be focused on is making that device the best that it can be. Creating a sleek, functional, and innovative design should not be hindered by the fact that you can’t get the right parts to match your vision.

This is where customizable screws come into play. Whether you need a larger machine screw or a custom micro screw, there are options available for you. Don’t let the inability to find a small enough fastener or screw get in the way of finishing your project. We live in a technological and idea driven age and there’s no reason that your parts can’t live up to that standard as well. With US Micro Screw your fasteners can be as innovate as you.

Custom Machine Screws

You can completely customize your own machine screws, right down to the system of measurement and the type of head it needs. Leave no stone unturned with a detailed questionnaire that covers every detail of the parts you need.

Micro Screws

If you have a device that calls for smaller screws than what you can go pick up from the store, this is a great option for you as well. You can get a screw made down to M0.6 with a head as thin as 0.2mm, so even the smallest of devices are catered to.

Total Customization

You can pick all the fine details for your fasteners and if you’re not happy with the final product, get the problem fixed with no extra cost to you. You choose the material, system of measure, thread and head size, head style, and length. And if the customizations you need are not listed in the questionnaire, you can send in specific requirements and we will help you.

Make the Best of Your Designs

There’s no need to sacrifice great functionality and design. With custom screws and fasteners you can make the very best of your designs. Don’t compromise. Let US Micro Screw create the perfect parts that you need with an order of 1,000 custom parts or more.

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