Marketing Strategy for Contractors

A big part of any business is the advertising, where awareness of the brand and its products and services is spread far and wide in an appealing and effective manner. Today, advertising expands beyond newspaper ad space and cable commercials; social media and regular websites are key to success, and good web design can be a boon for any company. General contractor marketing is no exception; companies with contractors at hand need a way to reach out to potential clients. The Internet could make or break a company.

Online Traffic and Behavior

General contracting marketing can study and follow many trends and habits of Internet users. For example, on a company’s website, on average, that company has 10 seconds to leave an impression on guests and tell consumers what they can get out of it, and by that time ends, the guests may leave (or even sooner). Online users are often impatient like this; about 40% of people will leave a website if it takes three or more seconds to load. Customers know when they are appreciated, however; good web development can involve adding videos, which can increase click rates by 300%, and based on a SalesForce Marketing Cloud report, 83% of customers will love or like a social media response a business makes to them. And with 72% of adult Internet users having a presence on Facebook, that is a massive pool of potential customers to bring, and marketing services for contractors and digital marketing for your business in general should keep up with these trends and more, not to mention traditional aspects of marketing and advertising.

Strategy For General Contractor Marketing Online

Home improvement digital marketing has many routes to take for success. According to Contractor Dynamics, once word of mouth for a growing business reaches saturation point, a company’s Internet presence can make or break business. There is no single, catch-all trick to online marketing; just consistent use of solid, effective strategies.

Trying to market to everyone imaginable is not only expensive, but spreads a company way too thin; in short, more is not always better. Instead, for effective general contractor marketing, the company’s leadership can self-analyze the company and choose one particular segment of the market to concentrate on. This not only lowers costs, but a company’s message is much more effectively carried to the customers, since it’s more heavily tailored to their needs and interests, and this can also lead to better relationship based business. This makes marketing less stressful and more rewarding.

Another online strategy to follow is making sure that the website’s content is engaging, and isn’t just a list of facts like a brochure. Instead, try quality content such as professional quality photographs of the company’s work, especially since social media like Instagram and Facebook makes heavy use of visual data like that, and the same can be said for videos. Featured projects or case studies can also make a contracting company’s work more clear to customers, as well as your company’s approach.

Web presence is strengthened when a company’s website is treated as the central hub, and other advertising channels such as social media posts, TV ads, radio ads, and e-mail marketing ultimately drive potential clients to the website to boost its traffic. Ultimately, an advertisement is just a marketing channel, while the overall strategy is the marketing channel plus testing and optimizing outreach efforts and communication, along with managing an ad budget and having a website and ad that invite customers to interact and feel like a part of the process. It is not enough to just state what the company does; general contractor marketing invites customers to learn more and find out why their business is desired and valued by the company.

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