Low Risk, High Gain Why Wouldn’t You Use A Staffing Company?

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Are you looking to hire more staff members, either on a temporary basis or full-time? For either temp work or a more permanent position, consulting with staffing companies could be a useful way to find excellent employees. They’ll do the bulk of the work for you and present you with the best candidates. In some cases, you may not even be paying the new employee directly. Staffing companies can also often be tailored to a specific industry or sector, so if you’re looking for nonprofit recruiters, for example, finding a staffing company that works with nonprofits is your best bet for success.
What Does a Staffing Agency Do?
Staffing agencies are actually perfect for specific industries who are looking to hire, because they match whatever a corporation is looking for with potential employees who are qualified for that job. Think of staffing companies as matchmakers: you say what you’re looking for and they’ll find you the person to do it. They’re also cheaper than going to the expense of trying to find candidates yourself in many ways. If you’re looking for temporary help, it can often be easier to go through a staffing agency, since the candidates there understand that many jobs found through staffing companies are only temporary.
What Are My Chances of Success?
To be honest, your chances of finding the right candidate are pretty high. Over 50% of workers who are actively employed are still looking for a new job, or are receptive to other offers. Totaled with people who are unemployed and looking, this makes over 70% of people in the United States who are in the job market. Additionally, 30% of all searches done on Google are somehow related to finding employment — that’s about 300 million searches a month!
A staffing agency often has lists on hand for specific candidates with certain skill sets, but they also have the reach to advertise on social media, which has proved very effective. Employers who utilized social media as a way to find potential employees have seen almost a 50% improvement rate in the quality of people who applied. Staffing companies are very well connected and may be able to access channels that you didn’t even know existed.
Why Go Through A Staffing Agency?
A staffing agency can really make your life a lot simpler. Often, a staffing agency will deal with the tax procedures and benefits — they act as the employee’s direct employer — which means you don’t have to worry about any of that. Although you may pay the agency a slightly higher rate, it’ll still be less than going through all that legwork yourself, especially if the employee is only temporary. A staffing agency can also pull up a list of qualified candidates in a significantly shorter time than you might be able to on your own. If you hire in a temporary to permanent position, there are no repercussions if you decide to not hire the employee full-time, as both parties know that was a possible outcome.

For a low-risk, high gain hiring solution, consider staffing agencies to help you fill the positions you need.

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