Lost Documents Cost Your Company Thousands Of Dollars Using Paper Management Solutions In 2019

The advantages of printing technology have, surprisingly enough, left us at a…bit of a roadblock.

On one hand it’s easier than ever to turn the benefit of print services into convenience and time saved. On the other hand it can be difficult making the transition from paper to digital. Should your business be one of the many caught in the middle of a frustrating change, there’s hope. Print management solutions are designed to organize your documents and provide your employees and customers with relief. Even better?

They’ll still help you save money in the process. Here’s how hiring managed print services can get you stressing less during the workweek.

Paper Is Still A Commonly Used Material

We may live in the age of social media and flash drives…but that doesn’t mean paper is out of the picture! The United States produces millions of pounds of paper every year for several industries, plowing full steam ahead despite many digital options on the table. Making your documents go as far as possible means using your space wisely. Better organization will keep documents from getting lost, keep employees from getting stressed, and customers from getting fed up. Everyone wins!

Offices Today Are Disorganized And Overworked

Sadly, the average American office isn’t doing too well on the organization front. If they’re not accumulating debt they’re overworked and stressed out. Filing is to blame for today’s astronomical office debt, with one study finding the average filing costs $20 per document. Every misfiled document can add up to $125 in lost productivity, to boot. Print management solutions are your beacon of hope in these trying times, guiding you out of the tumultuous seas with organization tips and practical recycling habits.

Preventing Waste Means Organizing More

Want less waste stacking up in your office and making your employees go crazy? It’s time to get comfortable with organization. According to data from StopWaste.org up to 20% of everything printed is considered waste, which doesn’t sound like very good odds to go up against. According to the Gartner Group nearly 15% of all paper documents will be misplaced, with almost 8% lost entirely. This adds up to an average of four weeks lost every year on misfiled, mislabeled, and untracked documents.

Document Management Will Save You Serious Dollars

You’ve already picked up on one of the biggest benefits of electronic document management services: all the money you’ll be saving. The average employee’s printing expenses can cost companies anywhere from $600 to $1,200 per year, which doesn’t even account for simple human error. Printer and copier costs, overall, are the third-largest office expenses behind rent and payroll. When you keep things from getting lost and start recycling you’ll see this money finally come back your way. The first step is to look into managed printing that takes this seemingly impossible mess and makes sense of it all.

Print Management Solutions Will Make The Impossible Possible

You want to improve efficiency. You want more repeat customers. There’s no order too tall for organization and this is best achieved through smart print management solutions designed to work. The four departments of a company that benefit the most from document management systems include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, and Contracts Management. In fact, the benefits are so widespread and practical you’ll start feeling them in a matter of weeks.

What are you waiting for? Time is money and print management solutions are here to make sure you don’t waste both!

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