Looking At The Benefits Of Quiet In The Workplace

Here in the United States, there has been a considerable shift in the way that people work – and the spaces that they are set up in to work, for that matter – over the course of the last few years. For instance, more and more office spaces have become dedicated to being open environments. In fact, more than 70% of all knowledge workers in this country now work in such spaces.

And there are certainly many benefits that such work spaces can provide, there is no doubting this fact. For one thing, working in an open space can be a great way to form great working relationships with your coworkers – and there is certainly no doubting the benefits that this can bring. Working in an open space like this can lead to collaboration as well – again something that is largely quite positive indeed. And always having people to rely on and go to for help when you are in need of it is certainly a wonderful and positive thing by just about any estimation.

However, there are also some notable detriments to working in such spaces as well. For instance, it is far too easy to get distracted. Workplace errors become quite common as well. And dealing with customer service concerns can be more than difficult. Therefore, having somewhere such as a soundproof office booth or even a designated private phone booth for office can be hugely beneficial for all of the employees who work in an otherwise open space.

And the benefits of working in a soundproof office booth or other such soundproof booth or even in a soundproof phone booth for office have been recorded through a number of different studies conducted over the years. For instance, the number of workplace errors drop by as much as 10% when an employee is working in a soundproof office booth. This might seem like a small amount, sure, but it is one that will become compounded over the course of time and will really end up being quite significant at the end of the day.

And there are even more benefits. For one thing, distractions in the form of conversations among employees drop significantly as well – by an average that exceeds 50% (sitting at around 51%, to be just a little bit more precise). Therefore, it should come as no surprise that worker concentration will improve enormously when workers are able to do their work in a soundproof office booth instead of in an open office environment. In some settings, worker concentration has even seen improvements of as much as 48%, improving nearly by half.

And all of this ability to work better in the typical soundproof office booth will reduce stress among many different employees by quite the considerable margin. In fact, workers who start to work in a soundproof office booth instead of in the typical open office space will often find that their stress levels drop by more than one full quarter. It is typical to see a reduction of stress in such employees by a truly impressive 27% – if not even more than that.

In addition to simply providing a better space for the average office employee to work in, the typical soundproof office booth can also be ideal for customer service workers here in the United States – of which there are many. After all, customer service is hugely important and it’s key for customer service employees to be able to focus on their client that they are talking to instead of being distracted by anything happening outside of them. The data backs this up, showing that the number one desire of people who call customer service representatives is to be listened to and have their problem handled as quickly and as succinctly as is possible. When customer service representative are working in an open office space instead of soundproof office booth, this become much more difficult indeed.

At the end of the day, there are certainly a great deal of reasons why the soundproof office booth is beneficial in just about any office space.

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