Let’s Make Electricity Providers Go Green!

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The world is changing around us, at a faster and faster rate each year. The advancements that we have made as a species are absolutely astounding. Discoveries from the depths of outer space and beyond, technology in our hands that not long ago was barely a thought in science fiction, developments in medicine and wellness. In 2013, electricity use in the United States was not double or triple the electricity use in 1950, but 13 times greater! Think of everything that you use on a daily basis that requires an electrical charge, then think of the billions of other devices just like yours around the planet. That’s a lot of energy! Electricity providers are never left wanting, that’s for sure. There have been significant advancements in conserving energy, even as the demand for it goes up. Take for example the refrigerators we use today. In the U.S., average refrigerators currently on the market are 20% larger than the average refrigerators in 1975, they cost 60% less, and they use three-quarters less energy! And yet even with that progress of learning to conserve, we are still struggling to keep up with the energy demands without draining our planet dry of all resources.

So what do we do now?

The answer to that, and the energy solutions we need, come from several different directions but begin with being conscious of the issue and spreading awareness of the need for energy conservation. First and foremost we need to be conscientious with our energy use. In American homes the largest portion of electricity (19% of electricity use in the residential areas) goes to air conditioning, and one of the largest costs when looking at utility bills is the 14 to 18% spent on water heating. So the things we learned as children still ring true today in regards to energy savings: don’t leave the water running, there’s no need to leave the air on when we’re gone, take quick showers.

Holding energy suppliers accountable
Companies sell what consumers continue to buy. So if we change our habits as consumers, and seek out renewable energy and green energy companies, the market will begin to change to the benefit of our planet, and of course, to us. There are more and more electricity providers emerging that are focused on the health of the earth and sustaining the only home we have. And with President Obama’s focus on climate change and with the enforcement of the Clean Power Plan, electricity providers across the board will have to switch gears, so that renewable resources will be the main supply for producing electricity, as opposed to precious fossil fuels.

While there may always be debate in the political realm over such issues, we can make it our mission as inhabitants of this marvelous planet to take a stand for it, and commit to green energy!

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