Let Us Not Forget the Little Helpers Who Keep Our World Together Hardware

Metal zip ties

It is the little things that are so important that make the big things work for us, yet it is so easy to overlook them. Think about that rolly desk chair you are sitting in right now. Some desk chairs do not roll, but you just so happen to be lucky enough to have one with swivel casters. The swivel caster uses a wheel that has been mounted to a fork for easy turning and navigation. It is the exact same technology used for shopping carts.

That is one of the best parts of these tiny little marvels of hardware is that the same piece can be used for many different applications. Cable glands, for example. They can be made from several different metallic or non metallic materials, depending on the strength that is required for the job. And they can be used to attach a cable to a wide variety of things, such as tow trucks and cranes, and even wrecking balls.

Or how about cap nuts? Also known as an acorn nut because of its shape, you can find them anywhere. As long as there is a bolt end sticking up somewhere, you can use a cap nut. The purpose is to hide or cover the metal bolt end for aesthetic or safety reasons.

Cinch straps can be used for things like keeping sleeping bags rolled, collecting electrical cords, or even wrapping around a bundle of sticks to keep them together. The possibilities for something as simple as cinch straps are endless.

And do not forget electrical conduit or rubber grommets. With electrical conduit, the individual wires in an electrical wire are kept accurately and safely apart from one another, allowing for effective energy transfer. And then the rubber grommets, when using the right size to fit the job, can make for a safe running of those electrical wires through the wall.

Next time you sit down at your desk, take a moment to think about all of the little pieces put being used to keep it together. Those little bits of hardware are regularly ignored, yet our lives would be a shambles without them. Appreciate their versatility and usefulness and you can learn to appreciate more in life too. More: www.alliance-express.com

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