LED Signs For Businesses, Churches, And Even Schools

Gsa led sign design

It’s one thing to catch your audience’s attention through a print ad. People are looking for ads when looking through a newspaper. For that matter, they expect them when surfing the web. Catching the attention of people outdoors is another thing entirely. Many businesses or meeting places find that it’s much easier to “get” their target audience when they’re passing by. Targeting them in other ways just doesn’t work. But how do you get the attention of people when driving or walking effectively — particularly at night? Many find that this is best accomplished through tools like GSA LED signs. Chances are that at some point in your life, you have seen GSA LED signs. But you may not know the reality of how effective these signs are as marketing tools, or even that this is their true purpose. Signs like these can also communicate news and events. They’re known for being flashy, while at the same time not distracting to the point of being dangerous. Let’s look into how signs like these work — and how successful they actually are to those who use them.

GSA Led Signs: Who Uses Them?

What kind of businesses can best take advantage of GSA LED signs? In fact, many clients who use this advertisement method are not actually “businesses” at all. You may have seen scrolling marquee signs in front of churches. One of the great advantages of signs like these is that they form messages as people pass by the church. This is quite eye-catching, and communicate in real-time. Outdoor church signs are also ways through which churches can let their members know about upcoming events. Sometimes, they’re simply used to communicate positive messages. These same signs are frequently used by schools. School marquee signs are particularly useful when communicating about sporting events. When it comes to businesses, these kinds of signs can be useful for any kind of business that operates heavily at night. This can include restaurants, gas stations, and much more. It can be difficult for your business to remain eye-catching at night, and an LED sign simply makes it easier to guide potential customers and clients to your place of business. But how effective is this marketing tactic, really? You may be surprised.

Led Business Signs: Do They Really Work?

Yes, LED signs really do work, as many businesses and organizations can attest. It’s estimated that 35% of people wouldn’t have found a business without the help of a sign. And we’re not just talking about small businesses, churches, and schools. Best Buy, one of the biggest companies in the nation, revealed that 17% of its customers found the business due to its big, bright sign. Not only are these signs effective — they can replace the need for other means of advertisement. It’s estimated that an on-site sign is as valuable as 24 newspaper ads. This means that, should you wish, you can choose a sign and have fewer newspaper ads, or none at all. This would therefore save you money. But what makes an LED sign a better option than a different kind of sign?

LED Signs: Why Them?

It’s true that there are many different types of signs on the market. However, there is a reason why you may want to choose an LED sign over another type of sign. LED signs are both effective during the day and at night, which can’t be said of many other signs. It’s believed that in 2019, LED signs will penetrate 53% of the global lighting market. There’s another advantage to choosing this type of sign as well. Billboard messages are printed upon substrates, polyethylene sheets. Between 2009 and 2010, the amount of recyclable substrates nearly quadrupled, from one million pounds to 3.7 million pounds.

Hopefully, the reasons listed above have convinced you of the effectiveness of these signs. They’re bright, they have a wide variety, and they’re even recyclable. What’s not to like?

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