Is Your Family Working to Eliminate the Amount of Trash They Generate in a Week?

Many cities are reconsidering the processes that are involved in their smart waste management systems. From recycling to banning plastic bags at grocery and retail stores, there are many times when an entire community stops and reconsiders the methods they use when it comes to the waste removal services that they offer. You only have to travel back in time and watch an older movie or television show to notice that there have been many new earth friendly habits that have become part of our lives. Television shows where parents carelessly litter out the car window or on the sidewalk in a city would certainly garner the attention of their young children today. And while these may have been more common sites a few decades ago, the fact of the matter is that we care a society that is paying more and more attention to what happens to our trash than ever before.
Entire states negotiate large contracts that deal with the save and responsible disposal and recycling of the vast amounts of trash that we generate. At the same time that cities are trying to limit the costs of garbage pickup and recycling services, there are also manufacturers who are trying to limit the amount of packaging that they use for the items that they sell and distribute.

Are You Happy with Your Community’s Trash Pick Up and Recycling Services?
It is increasingly common in many parts of the country for cities to ban the use of plastic bags. As pictures of the large islands of trash floating at sea continue to circulate, there are many Americans who want to find a way to limit the carbon footprint that they make. The best practices for smart waste management encourage both individuals and businesses to work on environmentally friendly ways to more responsibly source the materials that they use as well as the materials that they dispose of.

As the waste management industry continues to expand, it may not be surprising to know that many of these jobs are increasingly more competitive in the salaries that they pay and the benefits that they offer. As a result, while the American general unemployment rate was 4.0% as of January of 2019), the waste industry unemployment rate was a mere 2.4%. With more pay available for an increasing number of jobs, this is a thriving part of the economy for many parts of the country. Progress in smart waste management services benefit everyone one of us.

In the process of making sure that food, as well as trash, is carefully considered, there are even programs that encourage businesses and restaurants to throw away less food. In fact, in some parts of the country businesses can be eligible for enhanced federal tax deductions, sometimes as high as 15% of their taxable income, for making food donations. If your household or your business is not concerned about these topics, you will soon be in the minority.

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