Improve Crowd Safety With Crowd Control Products


You may not realize it, but crowd control products are being used everywhere — from banks, to concerts, to movie theaters. Virtually anywhere you have to stand in line you will likely find some type of crowd control product. From the belt type things they use at banks to keep customers in line, to heavy duty crowd control barriers often found at concerts or on busy streets. Crowd control products are everywhere, and from a safety and business perspective, that’s a good thing.

For businesses specializing in the sale of crowd control products, there’s no shortage of places that need your products. Take sporting or entertaining events, for example. The average sporting or entertainment event can bring in 70,000 fans, and it’ll most likely only go up. For four straight years the concert tour business has climbed from $1.3 billion to $2.1 billion. That’s a pretty substantial jump, and with upwards of 70,000 fans expected to turnout for the average sporting or entertainment event, event organizers are going to be looking for quality crowd control products to help keep fans under control.

Then there’s less crowded places, like banks, where crowd safety isn’t a huge concern and so don’t need as extensive crowd control products, but still need something to keep their customers organized and in line. We’re all familiar with the belt-type or retractable rope barriers often seen in banks. They direct customers where to stand in line. And because the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation estimates that there’s about 6,799 FDIC-insured commercial banks across the U.S., there are a lot of potential customers for crowd control products, like simple rope or belt-like barriers.

Crowd control products, like barriers found in banks also help keep the line going in a timely fashion. And when you consider that Americans spend about 37 billion hours each year — or two years of their lives — just waiting in lines, and that 88% of people confess that they give up waiting in line and leave after waiting in line for long periods of time. When customers leave because of long waits, the business loses out on money, which is why crowd control barriers like belt-like and rope barriers are so beneficial. They keep the line streamlined instead of leaving customers to mill about a bank lobby like a mob. This streamlined process that crowd control products offer saves time.

So go ahead and get out there and promote your crowd control products. The list of potential customers is endless! Banks, concerts, sporting events, anywhere where there’s expected to be a crowd of people will benefit from crowd control products.

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