How to Throw the Very Best Parties

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Parties bring people together and encourage social interaction as well as providing opportunities to meet new people. Here is everything you need for putting together a great party from the beer pump accessories to games and food.

  1. Alcohol
    In order to have a good party you need good alcohol. Everybody’s favorite is an open bar. No one wants to have to pay for their drinks so if you really want to have a great party then it’s going to cost you quite a bit of money. Your best bet is to have a bar with a bartender who knows everything about connecting beer pumps or other chemical pump applications. This way you don’t have to worry about people drinking too much or abusing the alcohol in any other way.
  2. Driving service
    If you have a bartender, not only can he work a beer brewing pump but he can keep tabs on how much people are drinking and when they need to stop. Give him the ability to cut people off when necessary. This includes taking car keys to avoid drunk driving. However, if you’re going to take car keys, you should have a system to get the keys back to them that night or the next day so they can come back for their cars once they are sober. You also need to provide a way for the party goers to get home. The best way to do that is to employ an actual driving service that the guests don’t have to pay for. When someone is ready to go have the bartender or the doorman call the driving service for them.
  3. Food
    It’s always a good idea to have food at a party. Not everybody goes for the beer pumps and the buzz. Some people go to a party and don’t drink at all. If your party is a dance party and you don’t have a lot of seating, your best bet is to have finger foods that people can eat while they are standing. Waitstaff that walks around and offers out the food is classy but not necessary. You could also just have the food laid out in a spread. The food you serve depends on the type of party you’re throwing. A fundraiser or something like that that is more upscale requires hors d’oeuvres like escargot or caviar. Homey celebrations are cheaper event, needing finger foods like carrot sticks and chips.
  4. Music
    Never forget the music. The music is going to set the atmosphere in the tone of the entire party. If you’re having a sit down dinner in gowns and tuxes, you probably want to forgo the heavy metal music and invite a jazz band to play softly in the background. However, if you’re throwing a birthday party for a rock ‘n’ roll friend, heavy metal might be exactly what you need. Your run of the mill, no reason, Friday night party would do great with some techno or house music.
  5. Games
    As the host, you don’t need to know how to connect a beer pump or be available to drive someone home but you should be the one running the games. Some parties don’t need games at all if they are purely for drinking and dancing but some parties can be pretty fun if there are games involved. As with food, the type of games that you choose to bring into your party will depend on the type of party that you were throwing. You can choose between board games, screen games, role playing games and many others.

The best tip that can be given about throwing a party is to get as much done as you can before the party starts and then use the time of the party to enjoy it. There is no point in stressing and running around while the parties going on. If you do this, you won’t be able to catch social cues about how the party is going. Be sure to stop and watch your guests so that you can find out if any changes need to be made mid party. Chances are, everything will be fine but it’s always good to be in tune with your guests and with your party to.

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