How to take a Great Professional Headshot

Professional headshots on your website and on LinkedIn matter. Studies show that having a professional image on LinkedIn increases profile views by over 10% and results in 40% more inMail responses. Likewise, having staff photos available on your corporate website can make your employees appear approachable and allow potential clients and partners to relate to them quickly. As you prepare for your professional portraits, here are four tips to ensure that you put your best foot forward.


While you don’t have to have a beaming smile in every photograph, having a generally pleasant and open expression will make you seem approachable and trustworthy. New York’s top photographers differ on style and design for their headshots but universally agree that a natural smile is one of the best qualities of any headshot.

Color and Pattern Choice Matter

It takes just seconds for individuals to glean a first impression, and one of the biggest qualities that they look for is trustworthiness. Color experts agree that wearing blue conveys trust, so consider wearing a navy blazer or subdued blue necktie.

As you prepare for your professional corporate headshots, remember that your face is the focus of the photograph. Be sure that you avoid bright patterns or distracting jewelry. Wearing matte colors or simple patterns that flatter your skin tone and face shape will bring attention where it belongs–on you!

Prioritize Professionalism

Your professional photos should convey competence as well as trustworthiness. Working with headshot photographers can help you avoid the dreaded selfie LinkedIn headshots and will ensure you have appropriate lighting. Professional photographers agree that you can also convey professionalism and poise by looking directly at the camera, standing up straight, and wearing business attire.

Look like Yourself

Ultimately, the goal of professional corporate headshots is to make you recognizable to potential clients and partners. It may be tempting to change your hair, buy a new wardrobe, and cake on pounds of makeup to convey a certain persona for your photo, but you’ll achieve the best results if you look and pose like yourself.

A LinkedIn study found that users had the best outcomes when they smiled, dressed professionally, and made eye contact. Working with a quality headshot photographer and taking the steps to prepare for your session will ensure that you have a great headshot to make an indelible first impression.

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