How to Prepare for Your First Eye Doctor Visit

Going to the eye doctor for the first time may feel a bit scary and unknown. If you’ve never had an eye appointment before, you might feel a little bit nervous about what’s to come. Fortunately, this video takes you behind the scenes on what to expect at your appointment so you can feel prepared and ready when the time comes!

When meeting the doctor for your appointment, you’ll most likely get your eyes measured first as well as answer any questions about your vision concerns. You’ll probably take an eye test at this time too to test your vision both far away and close up.

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After checking your vision and answering any questions you may have, you’ll get your eye muscles, depth perception, and general eye health tested through various other tests. Don’t worry, these are easy too! During this time, you may have your eyes dilated with eye drops, so be prepared for that and the sensitivity that might come along with it.

If you need vision correctness, you’ll get a few different lenses tested to find the perfect fit for you. If you need glasses, you’ll find this out here and may even get a chance to look around the shop at the medical office to find your perfect fit.

If your first eye doctor appointment is coming up, don’t fret! You should feel prepared and know exactly what to expect now.


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