How to Optimize and Secure Your Servers With Server Rack Enclosures

42u server racks

Computer servers are used in a variety of business applications to create secure, private networks. In total, the computer server manufacturing industry generates around $14 billion in revenue each year. There are about 334 computer server manufacturing companies in the U.S. that hire an estimated 9,566 people around the country. Maintaining and optimizing your data center is crucial to keeping the business going.

Maintaining a Data Center

Establishing and maintaining a server requires an efficient data center. Most data centers operate at temperatures between 60 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit to keep servers operating correctly; server room temperature should not dip below 50 degrees or exceed 82 degrees. There was a spike in data center energy use from 2005 to 2010 as the energy use grew by 36% between those years. Energy-efficient equipment options are available to help cut down on energy use and optimize your data center.

Server Rack Enclosures

Security and efficiency are the trademarks of a computer server; it makes sense that their enclosures too would have this in mind. A single 19 inch or 32 inch server rack can accommodate at least 42 servers up to hundreds of servers; a rack unit equals 1.75 inches. By far, the most common kind of server rack on the market is the four-post rack which is designed to hold servers and appliances no more than 19 inches wide. Finding a used server rack for sale can help users save hundreds of dollars. Those looking to start up their own private server can benefit from a used server rack for sale as many companies regularly update their data infrastructure. Whether for private or corporate use, many server rack cabinets come with locks and other security features to protect sensitive data and prevent tampering. Don’t risk losing your data to a server crash, protect your digital assets with server rack enclosures.

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