How to Get Involved in the Food Industry

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Recently, several companies belonging to the food industry have experienced heavy fire by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for failing to follow protocols which would jeopardize the health of consumers. It takes only one bad experience to ruin a customer’s opinion of a company, especially with something as vital to life as food. Many new entrepreneurs looking to fit into the food industry rely on industrial recruiting services to ensure that every area of their industry is covered by professionals who place consumer health as the highest priority.


As we leave 2015 behind, the future of the food production industry has yet to be determined. Robotics are becoming the clear choice for the food processing equipment industry along with other sectors of production; in 2015 14,232 robots were ordered from North American robotics companies — these figures are only for the first half of the year! Although the human element is taken out, without proper care and maintenance food service equipment could jeopardize the livelihood of any company. Food processing equipment recruiting companies specialize in finding skilled producers with the proper equipment and maintenance to ensure the longevity of industrial food companies.


Packaging is essential for two reasons: product preservation and product marketing. Flexible packaging has been one of the quickest-growing types of packaging available; it is responsible for 18% of the $145 billion United States packaging market. Research shows that flexible packaging solutions that use materials like paper, plastic film, and foil account for over 58% of food shipments. Since freshness ought to be a priority, food processing equipment recruiting teams generally focus on finding a producer that has the capability and equipment to both produce and package the product in the same place — this minimizes the risk for contamination and ends up saving the client money in the long run.


The one area that may benefit the most from a personal recruiter is closer than a lot of businesses might think. The greatest struggle for many businesses is finding competent, caring employee candidates. In 2012 around 3% of the external hires for companies were sourced by search firms; in 2013 that number doubled to 5.9%. Searches for qualified candidates through recruiting services has seen a nationwide increase of 11.3% according to a report by the Association of Executive Search Consultants. A business has to start somewhere, food processing equipment recruiting is just half of what it takes to make sure that your team is built to last.

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