How to Find the Best Sales Rep

Sales consultant job description

When you are looking for the right person to join your team of sales reps, you can never go too far to secure the perfect person for the job. You can conduct several interviews yourself, or elicit the help of executive recruitment firms. This way, you can cover all your bases, and you will be able to target the top candidates for the job.

But not everyone is suited for a career in sales. This means that out of the thousands of applicants you see, maybe only a handful, or less, will be the right fit.

Here are few ways to know that you have found the perfect candidate.

  • Self-Confidence. As soon as a candidate walks into a room, their body language should tell you enough about their self-confidence. This will usually translate into a successful sales rep, as sales and confidence often go hand in hand. Sales reps have to face rejection in a regular basis, and this should not shake the rep’s attitude, or damage his or her self-esteem. The ability to take things in stride and remain positive is one of the keys to becoming a high quality sales rep.
  • Impressive Resume. This may seem like an obvious point, but with sales, experience is a must if you want to build a strong team. With experience comes a level of understanding about the ups and downs of the profession, as well as strong communications skills. An inexperienced candidate won’t know how to take the first “No” from a client and turn it into a positive.
  • Passion. You should be able to tell the best sales reps apart from mediocre ones by evaluating their level of passion for the job. As you interview them, pay attention to their tone, which will tell you if they love what they do. When you talk to them about previous sales jobs, ask questions that have them recount their previous sales strategies and their successes — this will also give you a chance to gauge their enthusiasm. Passion usually equates to a positive attitude.

With the help of recruitment firms, you will be able to narrow down your pool of candidates to the best one. Keep these character traits in mind, and you will have the best sales team around soon. Visit here for more information.

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