How to Choose the Right Anniversary Gift for Your Partner

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You’re approaching that special day: An anniversary, the day you married your loved one.

It’s a day that signifies your love for one another, how much you care for one another. Through the ups and the downs, you have stuck by one another. It’s a powerful day. Your love should shine brightly.

You want to get him or her something special. That involves stress and worrying. Never fear:

Here is a quick guide to your gifts for wedding anniversary.

Anniversary gifts should be personal, valuable (more than just the price), and memorable. They celebrate your relationship, whether it’s the first anniversary or the Golden Anniversary (the 50th wedding anniversary).

Personal, meaning tailoring to your partner.

Valuable, meaning your love is embodied in it.

Memorable, meaning they will think about it long after it’s been given.

Here are wedding anniversary ideas for men and for women, starting with the men.

Men are easy to please. They tend to like things that are useful or personal in some way. The trick is to know your man. He may like nerdy things, like Star Wars. A pair of Millennium Falcon cuff links would work well. He may be a outdoors person. A bowing hunting knife might be right up his alley.

Always tailor it for your partner.

But there is one anniversary gift that is used by (or should be used by) all men.

It is cologne.

Cologne is a perfume for men. It can have a flowery flavor, like Abercrombie and Fitch. It can have a strong, powerful scent like Drakkar Noir. But why is it a great gift?

Cologne is useful, personable, and valuable all at the same time. A man wants to smell good, especially around his significant other. Cologne makes a man feel more attractive, in some cases more powerful. The right cologne makes a man feel more confident. It helps in social situations.

The right cologne intimates that you know him. It is something he will use and will remember the date every time he puts it on.

Women, to men, might seem like a mystery. But a man can find a great anniversary gift for his wife. This is even true for the 15th wedding anniversary, which is called the Crystal Anniversary, where crystal anniversary gifts are given.

There are options here: a monogrammed pillow, personalized home decor, even the pretty watch. But there’s a class gift that works for all anniversaries: simple jewelry.

Simple jewelry is valuable. It communicates love and is certainly memorable, as when your loved one wears it, the jewelry will remind her of you. It is personal, tailored to her likes and preferences when it comes to jewelry.

Some men may balk at the price, but there are affordable options out there. The right one will not necessarily be the most expensive; it will be the one that appeals to her the most, both in color and design.

Anniversary gifts are opportunities to show love. They can be an affirmation of your love for one another, a moment you two share as you have children and grow old.

Remember, it is about your love. Communicate that to her or him through wedding anniversary gifts.

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