How to Catch Your Consumer’s Eye With Custom Packaging Solutions

Custom product packaging

If the world of advertising has taught us anything, it’s that to grab people’s attention nowadays, you need to stand out in order to catch people’s eyes. Never has this been more true than when it comes to retail. In North America, more than 90% of all products are at some point delivered or displayed in what’s called corrugated boxes; the vast majority of goods we buy are in some way marketed towards us.

Given that most retail and department stores are massive establishments, when shopping, people end up walking past hundreds of different products. Even if they wanted to take a look at them all, it would take hours just take out a sizable chunk. As people stroll down an aisle, their eyes are naturally going to steer them towards the most intriguing package picked out amidst the ocean of products. Because of this, custom packaging solutions have been forced to become more innovative and appealing.

With approximately 70% of all people’s purchasing decisions made in-store, making a point to be aesthetically pleasing in person is essential to success. This is made even more apparent after Packaging Digest reported that their research showed how consumer decision making is down to a measly five seconds at the retail shelf. If a product’s packaging isn’t enough to hold a consumer’s attention for at least five seconds, they’re going to face some serious problems.

Custom packaging solutions have evolved immensely over the years. Where retail packaging boxes were once all squares of different sizes and colors, now corrugated displays can be manufactured to any number of shapes and designs to not only cater to the company’s style, but also to their demographic’s interests.

Retail packaging design seems like such a simple tool but it’s amazing how much influence they can have on people’s purchasing decisions. Sometimes it initially seems like the box offers as much incentive as the product itself does. Make sure that your product stands out with custom packaging solutions that will keep your consumers standing completely still in the retail aisle.

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