How to Better Protect Yourself from Fires

The very first fire alarm system was invented in the mid 19th century. Today, we hardly seem to notice them as they occupy everything from our homes and schools to places of business. The only reason you might really notice the system is when it starts going off, which is what it does best. So why is it that even when it can be detected, we’re still so afraid of them? Well, all the systems do is alert you. They can’t necessarily protect you. The fires themselves can still cause a lot of damage, even if they are detected early on. So here are some facts about fires and how you can be protected from them in the future.

Fire alarm designs are different in businesses work than those installed in the home. They’re made to detect chemical reactions instead of smoke. This means that not only do they predict fires but they are prone to false alarms at times. These false alarms are the reasons that you frequently need to get a fire alarm inspection, to ensure that they are working properly and lower the risk of that happening.

There are lots of reasons that fire alarms might actually go off. Some of these can include confined spaces, such as confined cooking fires. These can account for more than 50% of fires reported in medical facilities. But confined spaces aren’t the only ones you should be concerned about when it comes to fires. Electrical malfunctions can also account for 20% of non-confined fires.

Certain buildings are prone to more fires than others. Motels and hotels have $76 million in property damage every year, with approximately 15 deaths and 150 injuries within the same time frame. However, other buildings have been able to reverse their numbers. Warehouses in particular have gone from approximately 5,000 to 1,000 fires in the last 30 years.

Fires are dangerous and may be prevented through regular fire alarm inspections and repairs. There are also systems that use both sprinklers and early warning systems which are said to cut overall injuries, loss of life, and property damage by approximately half of their current numbers. Fire sprinkler maintenance is important for these reasons as well, to keep you safe and secure.

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