How to Avoid Common Pool Problems

Costly pool repair

There are few additions to your home that can be as much fun as a swimming pool. Having a pool installed makes your place the place to be. Your friends, family and neighbors will have a great time longing around the pool and playing games or just cooling off in the water. Swimming is also one of the best ways to get exercise in a way that is easier on your joints. This is why at least 21.23 million Americans lived in a residence with a pool in 2015. There are some pool issues that you should know about before you take the plunge.

  • Keep everyone safe. No one likes to think that someone can be hurt or killed by their pool but it does happen. Make sure everyone who uses your pool does it with someone else around. It is all too easy to drown in the pool if people are not around. The same holds true for your pets. Dogs love the water and a number of cats do, too The really good thing is that most accidents in and around the pool can be avoided.
  • Prevent and deal with leaks. One of the more common pool issues is a leak in your pool. Not only does that mean that you may have issues with the amount of water in your pool but leaks can also mean that your pH balance will be thrown way off. If you notice that you are having trouble keeping your pool at the right pH level, you should bring in a pool professional or a swimming pool maintenance expert to check for leaks. This will save you a lot in the long run.
  • Make sure you keep an eye on your pool’s pH level. If you do not maintain the pool at the optimal level, you will almost be inviting algae in to ruin the experience of using your pool. Algae can cause a number of pool issues that you want to avoid. Keeping a pool at the wrong level can also accelerate corrosion and weaken the structure of the pool plus it can reduce the efficacy of the chlorine you use in the pool. During times of heavy pool usage, this should be checked about once a week.
  • Pay attention to the water table level. When you have the pool put in, find out about the water table. If the level is too high, the result can be that the pool is really swimming in the water in the ground. If the water table level is low, leaks can do damage to the area around the pool. One way to deal with the kinds of pool issues around the water table level is to pay close attention to the level of water in your pool. Make sure when you have the pool installed that you get a hydrostatic valve to help you maintain the optimal water level in the pool.
  • Pay attention to the filters in your pool. You should make a point to clean and change your filters often. Different kinds of filters need different levels of care and feeding. Talk to your local pool maintenance company about how often you need to check the filters in your pool. They can help you do that on the right schedule.
  • Pay attention to any chipping or cracking of your deck. First of all, it makes your pool look older. Secondly, any chips or cracks can also pose a danger to the people who use your pool. It is all too easy to trip when there are chips or cracks (or both) on the pool deck. They can alp be indicators of more serious pool issues. Sometimes these may be caused by the formation of a sink hole or show that the ground is shifting under your pool.

Having a good relationship with a local pool service can make a lot of difference in keeping your pool looking right and they can help you do what you can do yourself or come in and take care of problems that really need a professional to do the job correctly. Luckily, there are a lot of companies out there that can work with you to keep your pool in great shape.

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