How the Holidays Help the Coffee Industry Thrive

Mobile coffee franchise opportunities

When it comes to identifying the most successful business ideas, there is a reason that coffee franchises, including shops and mobile cafes, usually come out on top: according to Datamonitor, the average Australian consumes at least one cup of coffee out of home for every seven cups that they drink, and yet still fall behind countries like Finland when it comes to overall coffee consumption. For this reason, it isn’t surprising that the coffee exportation industry alone is worth $20 billion worldwide. And a large part of that success is due to the high number of sales that occur between November and January.

In many parts of the world, coffee is a natural choice from November and January because of the dropping winter temperatures; after all, what could suit a cold morning better than a hot cup of coffee. However, in Australia, where the hot summer months are just beginning, coffee is still extremely popular because of the holidays. Coffee beans, gift cards and other items are common gifts around the world, and Australia is no exception. Moreover, with the stress of picking out presents and planning trips to see family, coffee is often the perfect way for many shoppers to take a short break. For this reason, coffee shops and coffee vans are among the most successful business ideas around the world during these months, giving entrepreneurs plenty of opportunities to profit.

Once the holiday season has passed, however, the coffee industry is still a great field to be a part of: in many families, coffee is a tradition, a past-time and a ritual, helping businesses build a solid customer base and connect with their communities. And while there are a variety of coffee franchise opportunities to choose from, a variety of features, such as barista training, help certain businesses stand out from the crowd. For this holiday season, it might be time to give yourself a gift by investigating one of the most successful business ideas available: selling coffee. Contact a local franchise system today to discuss your options.

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