How Safe Does Your Family Feel Out in Public?

Your dog really is your best friend, and when your new pet has a great walk it is a real reason to celebrate.
Your dog that looks like a wolf had his best walk ever, in the snow and off leash in the forest, on military land in the local state park. During the walk you met up with another pet owner and his dog, a female who was recently retired from sled dog competition. She was not scared of your dog’s size at all, and actually gave your animal a little bit of his own medicine once or twice.

It is always a scary thing to let a dog off leash the first few times, but this experience was encouraging. You have asked several pet owning friends how they got to the point where they felt comfortable making this transition. One friend shared that with their older dog they had their children and a whole neighborhood of kids to help. They took their pet to the park and made a circle and let the older dog free in the middle of the circle. Each of the kids took turns and would call the dog and she would go to them. The same friends also admitted, however, that there was another time early on when this same dog got away when she was off leash. Thankfully, someone found her and was able to use the phone number on her collar to contact you.

Looking back you now realize that you should have rewarded your pet’s return to call by name with a treat, and you are not sure why you did not.

As cold weather approaches and you are going to have to spend more time indoors, you want to make sure that the walks with your dog will remain successful, whether he is on or off leash. Lately, there have been a couple times he pulled the leash out of your hand just because he is so strong. Fortunately, every time he came right back. Before this weekend’s big off leash adventure, you have also been testing him when no one is around, such as dropping the leash as you enter your culdesac. He runs right to the house. Ultimately, the adventure in the state park was a leap of faith on your part. You trusted that he wants to be with you, and he would not run off because of his abandonment issues from his previous owner. That said, you are still not ready to let him run loose when there are people around, and you continue to worry what might happen if he sees a moose or other large animal when you are out on the trails, but for now you are celebrating these baby steps.
Testing Boundaries Is Part of Pet Ownership and Parenting

At a time when so many things seem like a threat do the health of the nation, it is no wonder that pet owners and parents alike are more worried than normal. And when it comes to visiting playgrounds and other public spaces there are many cities that still ask residents to remain six feet apart from other families. With the use of high powered disinfectants that could quickly clean the powder coatings on playgrounds and other public pieces of equipment, many cities have been able to keep these spaces open. Other parts of the nation, in comparison, have closed public playgrounds in spite of the fact that they may have some of the most reliable and best powder coating available.

Today, of course, as parents and pet owners continue to be concerned about the Coronavirus and what colder weather will mean, there are many places that are looking at sandblasting services to clean off less easy to maintain surfaces and applying the latest powder coating options. Decoration and protection are the tow primary purposes for which powder coating technologies were developed, but these products are in even higher demand during pandemic. In fact, while the global powder coatings market value was expected to reach $12.48 billion by the end of the year 2020, many people believe that those numbers will now be even higher.

Whether you are dealing with a new pet or sending children to school, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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