How Renewable Energy Could Help Save Our Planet

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We always hear about saving the planet and ‘going green’ and all of those catch phrases that should inspire us to be more careful with the world around us. Recycling is a fantastic way to keep our planet green but it is not the only way that we can be environmentally friendly; renewable energy is a major source of environmentally friendly elements that can make a real difference to the earth is we all used even just a little bit. Let me explain a little bit about what it’s all about.

What is renewable energy?
This is electricity that is generated from natural and renewable sources. Renewable energy sources are sometimes known as “green energy sources” because of the relatively small effects it has on the environment compared to fossil fuels. A few examples of renewable energy are solar energy, hydroelectricity and wind energy. These are great alternative energy sources for your home and business.

Why is renewable energy better?
Renewable energy companies take the renewable energy and reduce the carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere. Reducing what is known as the carbon footprint can also reduce climate change. If we use these green energy sources we will lessen the amount of fossil fuel gas and oil reserves that we use. These are becoming expensive and hard to find because they are running out.

How much does a renewable energy cost for me to use?
According to several power companies, if you want to use renewable energy in your home or work, green energy can cut in a little more to your monthly budget. However, this money is used towards environmental projects in the production of the renewable energy. If you look around you should be able to find an option that you can work with, though. The amount of energy you will save makes up for the extra cost.

How can I find renewable energy companies?
Renewable energy companies, also known as alternative energy companies, are pretty much all over the place but because they don’t advertise very much, you may have to look a little deeper then you would for a regular electricity supplier. Try searching for renewable energy companies on a search engine for your area and you should not have a problem.

What are all the renewable energy sources?

  1. Solar energy
  2. Wind energy
  3. Hydroelectricity
  4. Geothermal energy
  5. Bio diesel
  6. Biomass

Solar energy
Solar energy can be broken down to either electricity or water heating. The electricity portion uses photo voltaic cells and makes for nubile electricity from the sunlight. Solar water heating comes from dark panels that would be installed on the roof to absorb the solar energy and turn it into heat.

Wind energy
Wind turbines are powered by the wind and generate renewable energy in the wind farms. If you want to generate your own energy it is possible to install a small wind turbine on your property.

This kind comes from the power that can come from rivers and the sea. Power plants can dam rivers and put barriers in the sea to capture the power. This one is a little bit controversial as some people believe it is bad for the environment.

Geothermal energy
Heat is used from the earth’s core in order to make electricity or heat. Volcanic areas are ideal for producing this type of energy because the heat from the earth’s core is the closest to the surface.

Bio diesel
Using bio diesel could burn less fossil feels even though it does take up a lot of land. Bio diesel is made from natural oils but before it can be used in cars it is mixed with normal diesel fuel.

This is the organic matters like crops, manure and even wood.

Overall, renewable energy sources will reduce our carbon footprint to protect the environment and we can’t ask anything more. Taking part in being environmentally friendly can save the planet not just for us and our children but so our children’s children can have a nice, loved and functioning place to live for many more years to come.

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