How Efficient Is Your Documentation Shredding System?

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As you turn the calendar page to 2016 you are again faced with the task of destroying the paper work you are no longer required to keep. Luckily, as your customer base continues to grow the options for shredding large amounts of documents also increase. While you can still have your own employees shred the papers you are ready to destroy, many companies offer their services as well. In fact, these paper shredding companies often offer computer hard drive destruction and secure off-location records storage, as well as file scanning and imaging services.
Document shredding service can be as important to a home as it is to a business. In addition to limiting the amount of storage you need, at home or onsite document shredding can also eliminate the risk of fire posed by stacks of old papers. Obviously, it also eliminates the risk of identity theft from discarded papers.
A secure shredding service may offer the best option for large amounts of shredding at offices and corporations. This onsite document shredding often includes the immediate removal of the destroyed documents as well as the shredding.
Remaining sensitive to a client’s needs at all times, shredding and document storage services are available from small single truck operations or very large companies that have many trucks that offer full service document management solutions. Service contracts can be arranged as often as once a week, or as infrequent as once a year. No matter the schedule, the goal of these services is to help your home or your business safely destroy both sensitive and non-essential paper materials.
Secure shredding services are especially important to doctor’s offices and hospitals. By following the government regulations, these medical facilities can use a professional document shredding service to destroy the allowed and dated materials on a regular basis so that they can limit their storage requirements and guarantee patient privacy at the same time.
Another major advantage to paper shredding is the environmental impact that it can have. Unfortunately, paper is the most common product found in solid waste sites around the world. This does not need to be the case. Paper shredding eliminates waste that could be filling dumps, while at the same time providing a recycled material for the paper industry itself. By Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports, nearly 80% of American paper mills are specifically designed to use paper materials that are collected through shredding and recycling programs. Perhaps the best news is that EPA research indicates that producing paper from recycled product limits water pollution by 65% and limits air pollution 26% when compared to creating virgin paper.
A trusted and reliable document shredding service can help your business and home efficiently manage your paper storage and destruction needs.

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