How Does Construction Dewatering Work?

What is Construction Dewatering?

Construction dewatering is the process of removing ground water or surface water from construction sites. Excess water can cause problems in the construction process or be dangerous for workers, so it needs to be pumped to another place such as a nearby water source or a sewer inlet. Sometimes water has to be removed from the soil as well to create the best possible working conditions, but usually dewatering is used to deal with water that has accumulated in trenches and excavations.

How Does It Work?

There are some precautions that have to be considered before the construction dewatering process can be begin. Where the water is moved to is important, because it can cause erosion at the construction site. There needs to be a stable channel with a safe and effective outlet for properly getting rid of excess water. It is also wise to check that the water hasn’t been contaminated with things like oil or grease, because this can be harmful to the environment and will require the oil and water to be separated.

Once the the proper dewatering conditions are obtained, then the process can begin. There are multiple ways to dewater an area and the method will depend on the area and conditions. Pumping the water away with sump pumps is one of the most common methods, but the simplest method is to let gravity do its work with the use of drainage channels that naturally carry the water away to a better location.

Are Dewatering Services Available?

Construction dewatering services are available for hire for sites that don’t have the extra man power or expertise to do it on their own. It is possible to search for a local dewatering contractor to come and assess the area and formulate a plan. This can help to avoid any complications and to make sure that the water is being moved to a proper location.

When it’s necessary, dewatering is an important part of the construction process. It makes for better building conditions and offers more safety to workers. Reaching out to a contractor is a wise decision that will help move things along in a safe and efficient manner.

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