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Do you have your own website? Is it use friendly? If it’s not, I can guarantee no one is taking the time to learn how to navigate your site. Looking into professional web design is a stellar idea if you are someone opening your own business, or even if you are just trying to get your word out there to the world. 88.8% of all web traffic ends up being controlled my major search engines. There is a small number slipping through the crack, but for the most part we all have our go to search engines to help us get to where we need to go. The internet is an endless portal of information and is great for distractions. Almost all businesses have their own websites at this point in the game. Companies with the best web design usually have the most traffic. A website that looks appealing and is easy to navigate will generate more traffic and keep people coming back. This is why it pays to have professional web design done. Using a web design service, or even a web design templates if you are brave enough, are great ways to get going.

When designing your web page, make sure you take into account that it is mobile friendly. From 2011 to 2012, people who use the internet on their mobile devices grew 17.1%. It is rare that someone does not have a smart phone of some sort, or a tablet. There were 41.9 million iPad users world wide in 2012, and no doubt that number is growing each year. It only makes sense that your website is mobile device friendly. If you decide not to set it up as such, guess what? If your site is slow or difficult to navigate from a mobile device, 61% of people are never going to visit our site again. It’ll pay to look up web design pricing so that you can get a professional web design. The sacrifice of losing so many customers is just not worth it. The amount of sales that B2C did in 2012 grew 21% and it made over 1 trillion dollars. Guarantee that they have a website that is easily navigated and mobile device friendly. Numbers don’t lie and from experience, if the website doesn’t work on my phone, odds are I won’t be looking at it anytime soon since I am always on the go and using my phone for everything. Check your website design before you wreck your website design. Find more.

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