Get Out of the Stone Age and Into the Digital Age, Bring Your Business Online

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Doing business online is a relatively new frontier, when you consider that people have been doing business in physical settings for hundreds of thousands of years. It may be that your business exists solely on the web, or you may own a brick and mortar store, and are now expanding to offer online web business to your customers. If you find yourself in either situation, you will need to treat your web business differently than you do your physical storefront. Here are three tips to help you learn about, promote, and effectively grow your web business.

1. Make sure your mobile site is accessible.

Did you know that 67 percent of users on a mobile accessible site are more likely to purchase products or services? It is not the most common of knowledge, but smartphone use is growing, as is the use of those smartphones to access businesses and services. About 52 percent of mobile site users cited that a bad experience with a mobile site made them less likely to pursue business with that company. About 79 percent of mobile site users who do not find what they are looking for will leave the site to find an easier one to navigate. Therefore, it is smart to make sure your website is optimized for mobile use.

2. Take full advantage of social media.

About 86 percent of marketers believe that social media is important to the success of their businesses. Using social media increases exposure for 86 percent of businesses, and generates leads for about 61 percent. Post high quality content regularly, and you will be rewarded with greater traffic. You can also use social media to stay current on business news. Seek out new statistics concerning which social media sites have the most interaction and growth. At the moment, YouTube appears to be one of the fastest growing media for social sharing and promotion.

3. Connect with an online business web club.

Online versions of newspapers and magazines very often host sections for business news. Many of them also have business forums where you can connect to other business owners and entrepreneurs. There are blogs, podcasts, and social media groups also dedicated to the sharing of news and ideas. You can even find sites that serve the singular purpose of creating networking opportunities between businesses.

The important thing to remember is that the internet contains more free resources to help you understand your market and grow your business than you could even imagine. Social media groups, clubs, websites, infographics, forums, and case studies will help you to pursue strong growth in your online business.

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